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Outward Bound Slovakia is a non profit NGO based in Bratislava, Slovakia and a part of Outward Bound International. We use experiential learning and outdoor education to develop social and „soft“ skills such as tolerance, responsibility, empathy, communication and cooperation.

Our goal is to help people set and achieve their goals in life, fulfill their potential and develop responsibility for their actions. On a typical Outward Bound course we focus on 4 pillars: self-reliance, compassion, craftsmanship and fitness.

Outward Bound Slovakia is a part of Outward Bound International network since 1997 and regularly undertake program review to satisfy and guarantee the worldwide Outward Bound standards.

In Slovakia we offer either center-based or expeditionary courses, having day-long or extended duration, and we primarily work with these groups: young people aged 11 to 30, schools including students and/or teachers, NGOs including youngsters and/or youth workers, public institutions and private companies.

Our learnig process is explained in the What it Means to be Outward Bound brochure, and our global impact is captured in the Global Impact Report published in 2020.

Please feel free to contact us directly with further questions and inquiry:

Michal Keim
+421 918 340 228