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This project will enhance the capacities of partners’ organizations, create a learning opportunity for youth workers, instructors or trainers to increase their competencies in using water-based programs – adaptive paddling courses for people with physical disabilities. It will also use the opportunity of personal development of people with physical disabilities.


We bring opportunities to teach, traing, experience and developed skills that will enhance the capacities of partner organization working with experiential outdoor education, adventure therapy and sport with people with disabilities.

Objectives are :

1. Bring new know-how, a new methodology of adaptive paddling to partner countries.
2. Inclusion of people with physical disabilities into water sports, personal growth, development, discovering new boundaries, stepping out of comfort zones, transfer to real life.
3. Training of advanced instructors/trainers/youth workers in leading adaptive paddling courses and enhance the capacities of organizations.
4. Application of new skills during a short practice with people with disabilities.

The methodology which will be used during the program is non-formal education and experiential education through outdoor activities and more specifically kayaking for people with physical disabilities. We will follow the curriculum and safety standards of the American Canoe Association (ACA). The training course will include also the Adaptive Paddling Workshop (APW).


– participants (instructors, trainers, youth workers, volunteers) with basic kayaking skills, who can paddle and control kayak independently according to American Canoe Association Level 1: Introduction to Kayaking Skill assessment
– these participants commit to participating in the full length of the training course – 8 days
– non-formal, experiential, outdoor education, therapeutical work is an advantage
– age 18+
– English language min. on level B1

Organizations working with people with physical disabilities:
– bring a group of 5 people with physical disabilities for 2-days long Adaptive Paddling Workshop, personal assistants are welcome as well
– the training course is open to all individuals who acknowledge the ability to perform the following essential eligibility criteria of American Canoe Association Level 1: Introduction to Kayaking Skill assessment
– age 18+
– English language min. on level B1


Non-formal/outdoor education instructors/trainers/youth workers:
– participants will be involved in an 8-days long course that includes on-water instruction, a classroom session, and interactive learning with adults with disabilities
– participants learn what disabilities are, how to work with people with disabilities, what adaptive equipment is available, and how to adapt, then they participate in real-time instruction with a people with disabilities, which involves making adaptations, a pool session, and an open water paddling session
– besides, instructors will have an opportunity to update paddling skills and practice rescue techniques
– participants will have an opportunity to plan and lead 2 days long kayaking expedition with overnight camping

People with physical disabilities:
– participants will be involved in the 2-days long workshop
– participants learn the basics of boating & paddling, practicing on flat open water
– discover their new potential and opportunities and step out of comfort zone



The training course will take part in Slovakia on the Orava reservoir (lake). We will use mainly sea (touring) kayaks. The kayaking will take part on flat protected water. Google maps – link. Accommodation will be provided from 22th – 30th June in Guesthouse Kormorán at the reservoir (lake) in double-bed rooms. It is a little remote place, please plan you trip with final destination in town Námestovo or Trstená. If you plan to drive a car you can reach the guesthouse easily. For those who need a pick up in Námestovo o Trstená please let me know via email. A full board of 3 meals/day is covered by the project according to your dietary needs. Breakfast and dinner will be served in the hotel. Most of the lunches will be a packed lunch, please bring a lunch box with you.


All paddling and outdoor equipment will be provided by Outward Bound Slovakia, e.g. kayaks, paddles, spray decks, drybags, stoves, sleeping bags etc. If you have your personal equipment, feel free to bring it with you if you wish. Most of the time we will paddle on the flat water near the guest house. Please expect to be wet during several rescue trainings. The air temperature will be around 25-30°C, the water temperature around 18°C. You will need to bring your own clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor activities and kayaking. Detailed
packlist will follow in Infoletter 2.


Please consider environmentally friendly means of transport if possible (bus, train…). Reimbursement will be done only after receiving the needed reimbursement documents (tickets, invoices…).
Croatia: max. 180€/person if travelling less than 499km; 275€/person if travelling more than 500km
Germany: max. 275€/person
Slovakia: max. 180€/person
Czech Rep.: max. 180€/person


Outward Bound Germany

Peak & Paddle Croatia

Slovak Paralympic committee

Association for wilderness and adventure therapy Czech Republic


Michal Keim, +421 918 340 229,